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Safe storerooms in Goshen, OH

Rest easy knowing your belongings are safe with us
Classic Storage has safe storerooms and excellent service in Goshen, OH. There are a wide range of precautions and checks we undertake to be sure we can keep your belongings safe. We are confident in our systems, procedures and our people!
storeroom security guard in Goshen, OH


The integrity of our security staff, procedures, systems and equipment is unpresidented. We provide a safe storeroom in Goshen. If a breach in our system did occur, it would be our number one priority to rectify it immediately. We always pay attention to detail, from blown lights, camera movements to unannounced visitors. Nothing gets past our team.
control unit in a storeroom in Goshen, OH

Size chart

For your convenience, we also offer storage units of all sizes. Our smallest units are perfect for storing clothing, rarely used books, small furniture, and other household accessories. Our larger units can accommodate small automobiles and boats, while our largest units are the perfect space for large-scale businesses. The unit sizes range from 25-360 square feet. Please see our sizing chart for more information.
man carrying boxes to storeroom in Goshen, OH

Building integrity

We regularly check areas that can be prone to wear and are constantly on the lookout for any possible leaks or weaknesses in structure. Damage to property should never occur due to issues such as a leak, however if it did, you would be fully covered. A safe storeroom in Goshen means peace of mind wherever you are.
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