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Our Team

Our team provides a safe storage in Goshen, OH

The team that gives you peace of mind
At Classic Storage we understand the importance of teamwork and systems for everything to run perfectly. We have safe storage that is supervised; patrols are regular around the entire complex, CCTV and access processes make Classic Storage the safest storage facility in Goshen, OH.
A safe storage manager in Goshen, OH

Logistics specialist

At Classic Storage our logistical specialists will help you make the right decision to suit your needs. From a storeroom to a deposit box, we're sure to have something to suit your needs. Choose from a range of accessibilities. Do you need regular access or sporadic business hours access? Our logistics experts will help maximize your use of safe storage and offer favorable environmental control.


With our security, patrols and daytime supervision, you can be sure your stored items are safe. All units and storerooms are alarmed and connected to an instant response alert. Visitors to Classic Storage in Goshen must sign in and sign out or use appropriate security passes. Staff at Classic Storage must also provide a clear police check to be eligible for employment.

Customer service & administration

Our customer service and admin team sign in all of your items and are responsible for all files and forms required when using Classic Storage in Goshen. For any concerns, issues or questions about a safe storage unit, at Classic Storage you can rely on our helpful customer service team.
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